Radio Listeners Emotional Connection

Gary Begin/Sound Advantage Media

It is difficult to find an influential medium which consumers possess a strong emotional bond better than radio. Every listener has a favorite station which they have an emotional connection. Your listeners need to become “Brand Loyal” to your station. There’s a natural development for radio brands. Consciousness tips to a brand image with the objective of developing a franchise. Numerous radio stations stagger during this step, becoming one of countless stations which play a certain style of music. This makes them just another signal on the radio. Nothing more than music boxes!

Possessing a franchise or ( brand ) brings you in front of other radio stations in ratings competition. Brands are kings of top-of-mind awareness. But, how do you attain that emotional connection?

Create your station to target a specific audience, and then grow larger as circumstances warrant. This permits concentration on important areas initially.
Build your on-air branding robustly so listeners will not overlook your station. Practice using social media to expand your persona. Social media is relationship constructing a communal experience. Constructing stationality is critical! Sell your station’s name. Hawk your station brand instead of individual personalities for most stations. Build a brand listeners simply cannot live without.

You must be strikingly diverse and superior to take listeners away from your competitors. Playing more music per hour isn’t the solution. Possessing great air personalities, a healthier emotional feeling and extra fun with stronger engagement works like super-glue!

Radio stations that are franchise players, those elements exist. While branding against internet stations like Pandora or XM/Sirius, focus on what makes your station unique. Entertaining air personalities, local weather, time checks, not obtainable from non-terrestrial suppliers.



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