Get Passionate with Your Listeners

Gary Begin/Sound Advantage Media

There are enough books on branding to fill an archive warehouse. Some of the finest assistance for radio stations comes to these suggestions that have worked well for Sound Advantage Programming clients:

Establish who you are and where you’d like to be in the marketplace. Associate with the needs, desires and actions of your listeners. Recognize your present brand parity. Do you really need a name change, or just the logo or slogan?

Keep things simple. The more hoops you provide listeners, the more confused they become and less likely to stick-around. If you require explaining your brand, start over! The best marketing is often a gift or a conversation you’re having with your listeners.

Become passionate. It’s the passionate bond with listeners that wins! Old school radio phrases such as “the hits of yesterday and today” or “Today’s Country and The Legends”” are bland, emotion-free slogans. Reflect on the brands in radio that have had staying power. The Big Ape in Jacksonville, Newsradio 88 WCBS New York or the new Nash FM in New York with their “Country for Life” slogan.

Dismantle the status quo. Examine your time-tested slogans and be sure your brand method links listeners to your station. Switch your branding and see if it makes sense with your station cluster. If you possess a “New Country” station, does the current country station in your group seem “timeworn” and less appealing?


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