Keep your Radio Station Imaging Fresh

Gary Begin/Sound Advantage Media

Radio station imaging is defined as audio recordings played to promote the station. Other terms for imaging have included sweepers, promos, ids, liners and station ids.
Anything not well preserved will at some point be reduced to destruction. The same is true for radio stations. Occasionally when a Program Director loves their imaging, the inclination is, he or she doesn’t take the time to change it. You need to keep your message fresh and relevant to your listeners at all times.

It’s critical to create an imaging time-table. Chart out a specific theme or idea for the entire year’s imaging. January can be used as a New Year subject, Valentine’s for February, March for spring, etc.
Remember to always be consistent with your station’s slogan. It’s critical that you possess a universal slogan that sticks to the station’s brand. Some examples include:” —— your #1 Hit Music Station” or” Easy Going Favorites” for a Lite Rock station. When using catchphrases and teasers, they should not be confused with slogans! Slogans are permanent as long as the station’s format does not change. Teasers are just mini-slogans that tie up the present imaging, promos, events and personality liners altogether. Teasers may change.

Become unique! Very often, the only line not blurred between competing stations is their call letters. Your station must stand out in a competitive marketplace. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to break some rules. The only feedback to see if you’re imaging works is your listeners. Pay attention to what they say. Ask them what they want to hear and what they need to hear. Probe into their lifestyle and incorporate that into your imaging.

One adage of today’s marketing is radio listeners react to testimonials. Nonetheless, sometimes listeners don’t sound “genuine.” Would a real person actually say? “…..lots of FUN in the morning and the most music all day.” “….makes me want to dance.” Before placing testimonials on the air, ask yourself “does this sound genuine?”

Creative and realistic imaging becomes an important part of your stations character regardless of the audience measuring apparatus. Always keep the message clear and avoid clutter at all costs. Fresh imaging will enhance your product and serve a purpose for both the station and listener.


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