Gary Begin/Sound Advantage Media

In my experience as a radio programming consultant/author/talent coach, I’ve discovered the only common denominator between successful radio stations is attitude. The attitude of a radio station is a total composite of the people working there. Good stations have a positive attitude that can be sensed on-the-air. Your listeners may not be able to describe it; they may not even be able to be knowingly conscious of it. But it can be experienced. If the attitude is uplifting, positive and fun, your listeners will return again and again.

Radio takes place in your head. Truly a theatre of the mind experience. You can’t smell it, touch it, or see it. An entertainment medium all its own. It exists in the heads of the people who create it. Radio stations with winning attitudes inspire risk taking and learn by setting the example set by management. A good example of effective winning attitudes can be created by a company mission-statement.

Ask the question: “How do we intend to win in our market?” A truly efficient mission statement will balance the possible with the impossible. Give your employees a clear sense of the direction of the company and its goals. People need to feel inspired as if they are part of something big and significant.

Remember to have your staff, air personalities as well as sales, build a solid mission statement that your company can abide by. People want to do business with individuals they know and have faith in. This applies to advertisers and listeners alike. It’s creating a passionate bond your radio station has with listeners that becomes a winning scenario.

All radio stations that possess a driving force from within that sets them apart from the rest will possess a winning attitude. A desire that gives the station or group the fuel to reach their true potential will have positive attitudes. We all know people who exhibit the ability to get along with anyone and everyone. This ability is truly a gift of connecting with others. The capability to build rapport is critical in establishing a winning attitude.

All winning people with positive attitudes develop a strategy as a game plan of life. This road map is something you will use to establish your goals, ambitions and desires. A positive attitude is a strong part of this tactic. Just believing you can earn $50,000 a year is not enough, you must design a plan that gives your life direction and navigates you toward the ultimate achievement, possessing a winning attitude!



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