Morning Show Basics

Morning Show Basics:
Gary Begin/Sound Advantage Media

• Become part of their routine – research tells us that regular morning listening is part of a pattern. Fitting into your listener’s routine is essential. You do that with content delivered at the right times and some content that might be segregated from times when younger ears are present (think of mom driving the kids to school).

• Weather, traffic, and news headlines trump celebrity news and gossip. It goes back to what listeners need to know to feel prepared, and Justin Bieber’s latest prank isn’t necessary for most listeners.

• Music is the best weapon in morning drive, but that alone will not win the battle. Most people tune in for a “lift” with music, so watch the overall tempo.

• Likewise, mood is critical, as the need for a lift involves content and how talents deliver it. Watch the negativity. Listeners want to feel good.

• Reality-type content looks good in the latest research, including prank calls (watch the legal aspects of these). Trivia remains popular.

• Local content is good, because listeners won’t get that online in most cases. Local info is not the driving force, however. As with news, it’s “what’s most important right now” that counts.

• There’s a “keep me on time” aspect as listeners use Radio to time their morning progress. That’s why being “on time” with benchmarks like news is so important. Do you really want to make your listener late to work? The older the listener, the more likely they are to wake up with you using a clock radio. Younger listeners tune in less automatically, and you may be one of their many morning habits (checking email, downing caffeine, etc.).

• Companionship is foremost. Radio may be the only voice that talks to that listener in the morning!


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