Internet Radio: It’s a Niche World

Internet Radio: It’s a Niche World
Gary Begin/Sound Advantage Media

Internet radio has become more user friendly since its inception in 1994. All you have to do is type one phrase in a search engine and any internet user will reach thousands of distinctive genres of music and radio stations. It truly is mind-boggling and can be more than a bit overwhelming. Car manufacturers such as GM, Ford, and Chrysler have added internet radio to their vehicles. There was a time when car radios cranked out the soundtrack of our lives. That’s not the case anymore.
There are several reasons how internet (as well as satellite) radio makes music easily available to any listener.

1. It’s simple to locate what you wish to hear fast.

Terrestrial radio requires dial surfing in order to locate what the listener wishes to hear. This can take much more time to find their preference, usually without commercials. With internet radio, the listener is brought to specific links to formats such as Oldies, Classic Rock, Country, Bluegrass as well as a host of others. Not only are there direct links to a sole genre of music but incredible options of multiple stations.

2. A consumer has the ability to listen to custom stations tailored to their preferences.

Pandora, iHeart, Radio Tunes, TuneIn, Live 365 are just a few examples of multiple radio stations popular throughout different demographics around the country. These sites give the listener the ability to specifically create a format around an artist they may particularly like. If the listener disagrees with a song or artist choice, they can simply hit ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ and that song, along with others like it, will not appear on the station again. This ability to personalize your favorite internet station to reflect your personal taste is incredibility user-friendly, allowing listeners to create large quantities of custom channels.

3. Music listeners possess diverse tastes and internet radio tailors their specific desires.

Internet radio allows everyone to arrange their own variety of stations tailored how they want. Each user has the ability to discover new artists and genres they may never have found without the internet radio experience. Possessing taste in music is akin to how people desire their food spiced. Sometimes a little is enough and that specific seasoning is provided courtesy of internet radio stations.

The mobile app market is an exploding area of the internet as every internet generating apparatus becomes smaller, sleeker and more user friendly. Internet radio is taking advantage of this mobile app revolution by joining the pact, almost all internet radio stations create app formats that can be downloaded to Apple, Android or Windows phone systems.
Cellular and smartphones which can access the internet are being produced every couple of months. It’s a normal routine for every person over twelve to have a phone or tablet on their person at all times. These smart phones can create large databases which stores countless apps with multiple functions.

This means there’s a large quantity of computer space for developers to utilize. It seems that apps are certainly the future of business whether the business is large or small.
The accessibility of internet radio continues to expand into the world of analog radio. Especially now that smart phones internet apps function anyplace that possesses WiFi. Before this mobility was obtained the internet user was confined to a desktop or laptop computer to listen to custom stations online.

The audio entertainment industry is changing and no one can accurately predict where it’s going. One thing is certain; internet radio is having an impact on terrestrial radio broadcasters, and will continue to have an impact as time goes on. Listeners can start their own internet station with little capitol and broadcast anything they want for as long as they want. It’s not over-the-air, so the FCC has no jurisdiction regarding content. That’s what attracted shock jock Howard Stern to XM/Sirius Satellite Radio. Internet radio has a powerful influence over marketing and new music and is considered by most broadcasting professionals to be more influential than terrestrial radio. The launch of internet radio has paved the way to the new face of advertisement and entertainment.

The internet has brought different successful results to business entrepreneurs. As most of us have begun utilizing the internet, most businessmen have considered it as their conduit to advertise new products and services. It’s shown that most business and personal transactions can be performed on the internet, including banking, shopping, and leisure activities.
Meanwhile, Steve Bianchi of Identity Programming in Warwick, RI sees it differently. “For several years, going back to the 90’s, the radio, TV and, especially, the newspaper industries were trying to determine how they would react to the onset of internet communications and how it would affect their business. Radio, like the other communication businesses, began to consider the importance of having an outstanding website and extra communication with users and clients though “the net.”
However, in too many cases this has caused distraction from improving the actual on air product, coming up with new and unique programming ideas and concentrating on new strategies to combat the onslaught of the various music streaming services. There’s a “deer in the headlights” reaction to all of these new offerings on the part of some major radio ownership and management.”

The moment you visit a radio website, you’ll notice all types of banners of sponsors. This allows for the power of advertisement. Then you choose your type of music or station, this gives the power of entertainment. Having said that; what can be more powerful in creating the impact to any listener? In addition to marketing their own website, internet radio has contracted to promote their own website(s). Not to mention the music industry professionals, everyone who would want to be involved with internet radio in the new millennium.



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