Blog Methods That Start A Conversation

Blog Methods That Start a Conversation
Gary Begin/Sound Advantage Media

The statistics show that only one out of one hundred readers will ever comment on your blog. Out of a sample of one hundred, it’s common to acquire nine of them who contributes everyone once in a while, another who participates frequently, and ninety who will read the blog without comment. These numbers are not cast in-stone. They will vary from site to site, but the fact remains most people will never leave a blog comment. If you’re searching for more comment, here are some suggestions on how to get increased comments on your blog.

1. Request Commentary: When you end the blog, ask for a request to comment. This will prompt people who may be on the fence regarding posting to try their hand at participating in the discussion. Make sure your comment system is simple to use for people tense regarding posting.

2. Invite Queries: Questions always invite an answer. Place a few in your post and you will receive numerous people eager to answer them.

3. Make sure it’s Open: Don’t make it that you’re the master of the conversation. Leave enough room for people to debate and answer your questions with their own take on the situation.

4. Remember to leave Comments on the Comments: This is especially wise for beginning bloggers who don’t possess a large following yet. Reply to some of the comments in the comment section. This inspires others to leave comments and show you are listening. Once your blog has grown to a much larger readership, this will not be as simple, but the occasional comment should be made occasionally.

5. Make Sure you Make Rules: One bad poster will make others nervous regarding posting. Create clear guidelines that are set and enforced, this will build an environment which is inviting for commentary.

6. Show some Humility: Readers appreciate it when the blogger displays a measure of humility. It’s okay to appear not to be an authority on every subject or that you’re human and have made some mistakes along the way. No one wishes to respond to someone who reply’s with ignorance or distain.

7. Be Polite: Bloggers are human and are going to make mistakes. There will always be someone who upon reading the blog who will notice this. No mistake will go unseen and people will post about it. That you can be sure of. When you respond, exhibit politeness and tack while you fix the mistake. Acting defensive will only drive people away.

8. Allow some Controversy: This point in and of itself is controversial. Occasionally it doesn’t work. There are few occurrences people enjoy commenting upon more than controversy. Just be cautious. Some shy readers of your blog may very well may steer clear at the first hint of controversy and never post.

9. Recognize Comments: Rewarding good or outstanding posts by commenting how good they were is a great tactic. Especially good posts can be mentioned in the main text of the blog. This encourages people with good ideas to make posts of their own.

10. Achieve Easy Commenting: Prevent requiring registration to post comments. This isn’t for everyone. Most blogs don’t follow this tip. It’s another hoop to make bloggers jump through and becomes another barrier to pass for commentary. Numerous readers of your blog may not wish to leave behind personal information or remember another name and password!



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