I Learned About Programming Radio Stations in Grade School

I Learned About Programming Radio Stations in Grade School
Gary Begin/Sound Advantage Media

There were some important lessons learned when I was in grade school that are just as important now as they were back in the-day. In no particular order of importance, here they are:

Do your homework (research) and play songs your listeners love. Steer clear of songs they don’t love. Play those songs in great repetition.

Have a conversation with your listeners in the same approach friends use when they’re talking with friends, not like strangers.

If you show you truly enjoy being with your listeners, they’ll enjoy being with you as well.

Similar to when you were a child, don’t force your listeners to eat all their vegetables all the time. From time to time, throw them some candy.

Provide your listeners presents while throwing a party for them, inviting all their friends. This makes them feel special and wanted.

Turn your listener’s favorite music into a diversion that’s fun to play which they can share with their friends.

If you must communicate bad news to your listeners, mentally hold their hand, telling them how sorry you are. Let them express sorrow if they need to.

Give your listeners a gift for no particular reason. You’ll surprise them and maybe they’ll tell a friend.

Don’t discuss things your listeners are not aware of. You’ll make them feel as if they’re a stranger. Remember to include them in everything. Everyone wants to belong.

Keep in mind the ordinary and mundane toys are not the ones they’ll rush over to play with. Search for the unusual, intriguing, and fascinating toys
Listeners will always become interested in pictures you take and post on your website if they are in them.

Cookies and milk are satisfying and good for you. Give your listeners some special treats.

If you select a special place your listeners have never been, surround them with things that are familiar to make them feel safe and comfortable. Never leave them alone.

If you want your listeners to remember something, be special and put it to song. It’s how we learned our A-B-Cs.

You still remember the kids in grade school which you cherished and you remember the ones you hated. The kids you were indifferent around have disappeared from your life. Don’t allow your radio station to be indifferent to your listeners.
Leave items on your radio station where your listeners can find them. Traffic, news, weather, sports, great music and their favorite personalities.

You anticipated your teachers would teach math, spelling, social studies, English, etc. The ones you fondly remember did something extra in your life. Your stations listeners expect great music while keeping them updated on news, traffic and weather. What’s that something further you can do that will delight your listeners?

Don’t squander your listener’s time with things they don’t enjoy. Get to the point, make your break brief, and then return rapidly to the reason they listen to you.

Become attentive in removing the bad items from your station and replacing it with good.

Discuss with your listeners things they are interested in. Don’t talk about the substance they’re not interested in.

Try and take a nap every day. Wake up with a fresh viewpoint of your station.

Once you’re out into the world, look out for traffic, hold hands, and above all, stick together. It takes teamwork to make a radio station successful. Success is a team sport! You can’t obtain ratings by focusing on the ratings. You get ratings by creating a great radio station listeners love!

Live a well-adjusted life. Make sure you learn and think and play and pray while working every day. Certainly your listener’s life isn’t just about radio. Yours should not be, either.



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