Radio Programming And Branding: The Ultimate Podcasting And Radio Branding Guide Press Release

New Book Reveals Radio Success Secrets for Podcasters, Bloggers and Radio Programmers

NEW YORK, NY – Library Tales Publishing is pleased to introduce a new guidebook for radio bloggers, podcasters and radio programmers and announce a release date of March 27th, 2015. Radio Programming and Branding: The Ultimate Podcasting and Radio Branding Guide is designed to train podcasters, bloggers and individuals interested in the broadcasting industry on the creation and marketing of radio content. From morning shows guidelines to how to book authors and speakers on your show, Radio Programming and Branding will give readers the tools they need to attract listeners and build their own radio brands. Gary Begin wrote the book to give podcasters, bloggers and radio programmers proven strategies for taking their careers to the next level. This book is also designed to help college students, internet radio and independent stations.

Radio Programming and Branding goes beyond the basics and covers specific branding and marketing applications that will turn any podcaster into a full-time radio pro. The book is designed to offer techniques for those who wish to start and run their own radio show or station. It will help you improve your craft and effectively develop a winning brand that attracts attention, followership, and ultimately advertisers.

“Gary Begins sensitivity to what radio needs in approach to programming, especially now with all the varied competition for listeners’ time, is exactly what’s needed by station owners and managers in the current climate. He has a sharp sense of what can make “go-to” programming for stations that are currently underperforming. Gary knows the importance of local programming, how to develop fresh programming and how to strengthen current programming… all the ingredients that radio will need to have a viable future,” said Steve Bianchi, Owner of Identity Programming Warwick, RI.

Thriving in broadcasting in today’s digital world takes hard work and the willingness to learn the craft and skills practiced by professional radio programmers in large radio stations across the globe. This book will teach you how to start your very own radio show, create compelling content, increase your ratings, build a brand and generate revenue.

This book is brought to you by Gary Begin, the founder and president of Sound Advantage Media. Possessing over 30 years’ experience in the radio industry, Gary Begin is armed with an arsenal of fresh material to help turn amateur podcasters into industry pros.

Radio Programming and Branding ($17.99) will be released on March 27th, 2015 and is now available for pre-orders on and on Amazon’s Kindle. Begin will be available for interviews, readings and local events as well as for national media conversations and commentary.

Author: Gary Begin
Paperback: 203 pages
Publisher: Library Tales Publishing
Pub Date: March 27, 2015
Price: $17.99; e-book $5.99


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