Podcasting Revenue Streams

Podcasting Revenue Streams

If your intention is to increase your income from podcasting, I’ll introduce you to some ways to create unique revenue streams while making money podcasting. Create your brand reaching faithful listeners while producing fantastic content that will attract sponsors while generating an income from your advertisers.

Podcasts always cover a specific topic, so it’s more than likely your audience contains listeners who possess a great deal of interest in your subject matter. When you combine great content with a loyal following, the prospect for generating advertising dollars will occur. If you can increase the size of your audience and prove you have a specific number of listeners as well as subscribers, then you can contact companies and present a short proposal regarding advertising their companies’ products and services on your podcast.

Get some sponsors

Build a genuine relationship with your audience. It won’t come overnight, so be persistent. Live your message and the advertising dollars will follow. People hate phonies and can spot them a mile away. Locate companies who wish to be part of your podcast. If you’re searching for niche market advertisers, check the concept of your podcast. Are you knowledgeable about the subject matter on the show? Are there any shared subjects that you can endorse? For instance, if you’re a mechanic with a car repair show, you could consider finding advertisers from the car parts industry such as Mopar or General Motors.
Concentrate on one area and target local companies before going national. Podcasts also work well which promote a precise geographic region such as Miami Beach. There are plenty of resorts wishing to reach your audience. You’re placing your advertisers where the audience is; the smartphone!

You may also wish to offer advertisers commercial recording services, display ads on your website as well as corporate giveaways. It is possible to generate income from your podcast. After you have organized an advancement of your particular podcast, you’ll have the instruments to present to possible advertisers. Don’t be about your product. If you have a weight loss product as an exclusive advertiser, make your show about weight loss.

Sell your product or services.

Take the opportunity to convert loyal listeners into paying customers who wish to acquire your information products or services. If your product is tangible your listeners may just be great customers for you. Another way to increase your bottom-line is to offer some free episodes while listeners pay to access your library to hear the rest. Fusing this with sponsorships will generate a solid revenue stream.

If you have a wonderful interview lined up for your podcast, a sponsor may be interested and sometimes pay for the time. Your audience must fit the sponsors target audience.

Ask for donations

This can be the simplest method to increase your revenue. Have some enjoyment from the experience. Instead of just begging for money, come up with a creative line like, “Do you enjoy the show? Then show me some love and buy me a sandwich!” Or some coffee, or help me pay my electric bill. Something that customizes your show with the listener. I’ll grant you, it sounds a little hokey, but hokey sells.
Market an iPhone app with your podcast

One way to make money is to offer your podcast for free but contract out an iPhone application from Wizzard Media, available to any podcaster on a revenue sharing basis. This enables anyone to add value while offering additional content to their podcast. You can add PDF files while moving past shows to her library. This is a wonderful platform to increase listeners and revenue because you’re driving them to an apparatus already in use. The iPhone.


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