What Makes A Good Program Director?

1. A good radio program director is a tactician. They study the market, assess the competitors’ relative strengths and weaknesses, and adjust the station’s programming accordingly.

2. A good PD respects the staff and is vigilant always to treat them courteously.

3. A good PD is a perpetual student. The PD is not ignorant enough to think he knows it all.

4. A good PD respects the audience. The PD understands that the radio station’s mission is to serve its listeners.

5. A good PD teaches the air staff to respect the audience. He teaches them how to talk to listeners on the phone and at personal appearances. He never speaks disparagingly of listeners, because he knows the air staff will follow his example.

6. A good PD becomes an expert in the community the station serves. Not just the “target demo” but in the community at large: the neighborhoods, the schools, recreation, and local politics.

7. A good PD does not allow anyone else on staff to mess with the air talents.
Station manager is offended by something a jock said? Tell it to the PD, not to the jock.

Salesperson received a complaint from a client about something that happened on-air? Take it to the PD, not the jock.


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