About Gary Begin

Gary Begin, the founder and president of Sound Advantage Media, possesses over thirty years of radio programming experience. Begin’s programming and on-air experiences have included diverse markets such as Tampa and Sarasota, FL, Providence, RI, Saginaw, MI, Hagerstown, MD, Columbus, GA, Portland and Waterville, ME.

Begin attended Dean College in Franklin, MA and has continued to enhance his skills with regular attendance at many programming seminars. In addition to Sound Advantage Media, Begin also owns Gary Begin Voice Talent, providing voice talent services for clients all across the United States.

What We Offer
Sound Advantage Media provides full-service programming, marketing/branding, promotions, research and operational guidance to radio stations throughout the United States and around the world. We have professional consulting expertise in all adult radio formats.

Sound Advantage Media’s goal is to boost your listener numbers and keep them listening longer, increasing your revenue and ROI. Your competition is smart. YOU need to be smarter. Solutions designed for “your needs.”

We put our money where our mouth is: Sound Advantage Media offers a FREE initial consultation. Contact us now:

GBegin@SoundAdvantageMedia.com (731) 437-0536

“Gary has written five or six very informed articles for us, with topics including programming, ratings, positioning and branding strategies. His consultancy also specializes in formatics, talent coaching, station monitoring, recruitment, market and audience research, station critiques and promotions. I look forward to his insights on those subjects as well…!”
–Carl Marcucci, Radio Business Report, rbr.com

“Gary’s sensiitivity to what radio needs in approach to programming, especially now with all the varied competition for listeners’ time, is exactly what’s needed by station owners and managers in the current climate. He has a sharp sense of what can make “go to” programming for stations that are currently underperforming. Gary knows the importance of local programming, how to develop fresh programming and how to strengthen current programming… all the ingredients that radio will need to have a viable future”
–Steve Bianchi, 99.3 WJZS-FM, wadk.com/993wjzs

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to show my appreciation for your writing submissions to the Radio-Info.com website. For us, it is important to include the many different voices from our industry in our features, and your perspective on radio has been both expertly written and well received by readers. Your knowledge of radio and ability to communicate your ideas to the readers, always makes for informative and entertaining reading. I’ve gathered all your stories you’ve written for us, along with your author feature page, here:


Thank you again for you submissions. Your writing is always welcome at Radio-Info.com.”
–Dana Hall, Executive Editor, Radio-Info.com/In3media, inc., radio-info.com

Gary is on top of today’s changes and updates in all areas of programming. He gets the job done!”
–Bill Hennes, President, Bill Hennes Media Consultant

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